Kyle Joseph Rohen (dolor_verum_est) wrote in policy_debate,
Kyle Joseph Rohen

x-posted all over the place RE: Katrina

here are a few links of interest for everyone:

(1) There is a guy updating his livejournal out of New Orleans with pictures and text updates about the city. He was there for the entire storm and is running on generators and satellite internet.

His journal can be found here:

(2) slackerace has set up a post where with each comment she receives she will donate $1 to the New Orleans relief aid. I think this is truly one of the most amazngly charitable deeds I've seen around LJ yet. Also, boniblithe will then match those dollars for every one of those comments and she's donating her donations through her company who is matching them dollar for dollar.

That equals $3 per comment.

Everyone go and leave one comment each.

Its another way to help.

Better hurry though, she's got a 48 hour deadline.


Kyle, your friendly community MOD

P.S. Tell your family that you love them.
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