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My story:

Last year I was invovled in debate in a rather limited way (dupont manual hs in KY; we used to be great, but now we're basically rebuilding the program from scratch). This year I would like to start getting good at it, although I am really just getting started.

My Problem:

On Tuesday, my partner and I are doing a practice debate in front of a bunch of novices against another team from our school. One of the pair went to Emory camp. They've both already debated this topic. My partner and I are totally unprepared. We're barely even familar with the resolution. But we don't want to look stupid in front of everyone.

Any advice?

I'm pretty sure that they're running a Patriot Act plan, although I don't really know many specifics. I have some evidence from Emory and Michigan camps.

Anything, ideas of what to run, etc., would be appreciated!
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