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OSDI (great camp only $200-$300)/ hiring

OSDI (great camp only $200-$300)/ hiring
Every summer, Mission San Jose High School hosts a very popular debate camp known as the OSDI (Ohsodef Speech and Debate Institute). We usually have a turnout of around 100-150 students from various schools around the nation. OSDI is VERY affordable, and is definitely one of the cheapest camps out there. For the 2 week novice policy session, it is only $300 while the 1 week advanced policy session is only $200. Although it is most reknowned for its LD sessions, the policy sessions have definitely been growing. I urge you guys to attend this either as your main camp or as a supplemental camp to whatever camp you guys may be attending because we have very good instructors and it's a great way to kick off your debate season. Novices should also attend becuase OSDI is especially good in instructing novice debaters. The dates for OSDI this year are August 7th-August 18th and it is located in Fremont, CA. For more information, go to

The OSDI has very qualified instructors; last year the insturctors were Albert Yeh (Leland, debates for Berkeley), Chris Sun (CPS, debates for Emory), and Victor Rivas (Logan, Redlands), who all did very well debating in high school. This year Chris Sun and Victor Rivas will be returning, along with Herman Wong, one of Victor's high school teammates. Albert Yeh reached TOCs, won Stanford, etc. in high school. Chris Sun reached the quarterfinals of TOCs in high school, Victor Rivas reached elimination rounds at national circuit tounaments such as Berkeley, and Herman Wong did well at Nationals as well as other local tournaments.

Note: We are still looking for possible additional well-qualified instructors for the OSDI this summer. If you are interested, please email as soon as possible.
It's fine if you do not live in California as accomodations will be made (plane ticket, housing, etc).
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hi pamela, it's jessica! when is the deadline for sign-ups?